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Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase


How much do I earn for each text link sold?
How can I recover my password?
How many back links does my site need to qualify?
How can I cancel my account?
Why can't I find the options for Content Link Ads?
What is the difference between a homepage and a subpage?
What is PageRank?
How can I find out my PageRank?
Do I need to register for an Advertiser and Publisher account separately?
Where can I see how much I have earned?
When will I be paid for my sold links?
How is payment made for sold text links?
Where can I enter or update my paypal email address?
What if I have a paypal account but it cannot receive funds?
What if sent payment to the wrong paypal account?
Do I have to add your installation code to my web page(s)?
Can I place sold text links manually?
Do you have specific installation code instructions for Joomla?
Can I use the same installation code for all my web pages?
Can I be notified when a link is sold?
How do I activate my page to sell links?
I received an email that a link was sold but I dont see it in my Control Panel?
Can I use your installation code with my caching module or plug-in?
How does the Publisher service work?
Do you provide the installation code in html format?
I added the installation code to my source code and now the code shows on my website?
Do you provide the installation code in JSP, javascript, ColdFusion, or C# format?
What IP address should I use to allow your validation bot access through my firewall?
Can I add your installation code through a Wordpress text widget?
Do you have specific installation code instructions for Wordpress?
Can I add your installation code to a frame or other included file?
Can I use your service with a Mambo or Drupal website?
Why do my link sales and earnings always drop at certain times during the month?
I have activated my page but nothing shows on my web site?
Am I guaranteed any link sales?
How many links do you sell per page?
Is there a minimum earnings amount required before payout?
Do you allow hidden links, no follow tags, or similar?
What is the minimum MOZ Domain Authority score needed to qualify?
Why did I get paid 0.50 less then my earnings showed?
Where can I find tax forms that I am required to complete?
I added your code and now I get an "Undefined Index..." error?
Why does a link on my website look like gibberish?
How can I cancel a text link purchase on my website?
Can I increase the character limit for the anchor text?
Why am I getting an error message saying my PR is faked or forged?
Why do I get an error that my website is not indexed in Google?
Will you consider higher payouts then listed on your website?
How can I change the look and feel of the text links?
Can I modify the installation code?
Do you support international characters?
What are your terms of service?
What if the PageRank you have listed in incorrect?
Can I use Publisher service with,, and sites?
I got an email that my page failed the code validation, what should I do?
How many pages can I submit for editor review?
Can I add web pages in bulk to my Publisher account?
How many sub-pages can I add?
Do you offer an API?