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Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase


Can I view your inventory before placing an order?
Can I cancel a link selection and get my credits back?
What kind of discounts do you offer?
How can I cancel my account?
How do I reduce the number of link credits I have purchased?
How can I recover my password?
Why was I re-billed when I have available text link credits?
How can I update my credit card information?
What form of payments do you accept?
When I am re-billed for my purchase?
Where do I find an Invoice or Statement?
I placed my link on a site and it is no longer showing up in my control panel?
I cant find my text link on the page I selected?
How do I report system abuse?
What do the account statistics in my control panel show?
How do I start buying text links?
How do I remove my text links from a web page?
How can I view the pages where I have bought links?
Can I add notes to my account for other employees?
Do you offer a reseller program?
Can I be notified when I have available link credits?
Can I be notified when a link selection is canceled?
How can I update/change my password?
Why do I always have link credits available?
How can I change the category for my link ad?
How many anchor text/URL combinations am I allowed?
How can I get a complete list of my existing links?
How is your inventory organized?
Why arent the links I have selected showing up in Google?
Will buying text links increase my website traffic or sales?
How many other links will appear on these pages?
Can you put together a custom package of links for me?
Are these permanent links?
What is PageRank?
How can I find out my PageRank?
Why can't I find the options for Content Link Ads?
What are your terms of service?
Can I increase the character limit for the anchor text?
Do you support international characters?
What does "not available for your category" mean?
On the "Select Links" page, what are the thumbs up and thumbs down icons for?
Do I need to register for an Advertiser and Publisher account separately?
How long will it take for my rankings to improve?
What if the PageRank you have listed in incorrect?
Can I make my links no follow?
Do you offer an API?