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Can I add your installation code through a Wordpress text widget?

Unfortunately no. The installation code must be added directly to the source code of your sidebar of footer file in Wordpress. The code cannot be added through a text widget or executable widget.

Please follow the instructions closely under the installation code button in your Control Panel. By selecting the option for Wordpress blog under step 1 you will be provided with a link to specific instructions. Note:

Add the following code into Sidebar template of your WordPress theme (WordPress Admin->Presentation->Theme editor->/Sidebar/).

Thus the code must be added directly to the source code and not through a text widget.

As another option you can download and install the Exec-PHP plug-in which will allow PHP code to work inside a text widget.

"What does this plugin do?

The Exec-PHP plugin executes <?php ?> code in your posts, pages and text widgets."


Once the above plug-in is installed with just the default settings you should then be able to validate your page with no errors.

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