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Can I view your inventory before placing an order?

Yes, please go ahead register for an Advertiser account for free. Once you are registered, log-in to your Control Panel and click "My Link Ads" and then click the "Add Link Ad" button. Enter your website details. Once you have added your Link Ad details click the "Hand-Pick Link Pages" button. This will allow you to browse through our inventory by category before making a purchase.

By default you can only view up to 15 URL's per category per day. This was done to protect the privacy of our Publishers. But for all listings you can view a brief site description entered by the website owner. Then you will be able to see the URL's of the pages you choose after placing an order and selecting the pages to place your link(s). Further, if you are unhappy with any selection you can cancel it at any time and receive the link credits back automatically. Then you may choose another page instead.

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