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I added the installation code to my source code and now the code shows on my website?

Unfortunately this means that your web hosting provider does not support the selected programming language. If the code itself is showing on your web page(s) then the web server does not understand that type of code (for example, PHP or ASP) and cannot parse it correctly.

It may be that you are using the wrong page extension. For example, if your home page is named index.html but you have inserted PHP code, try re-naming your home page to index.php. This tells your web server to parse PHP code on that page. Please note this will only work for the home page. Sub-pages cannot be renamed since Google has already indexed them.

If that does not work you will likely need to contact your web hosting provider directly to confirm they actually do support the programming language you have selected. If they do then you can show them the example where the code is not being parsed and ask them to investigate the cause of the problem.

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