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When I am re-billed for my purchase?

You are re-billed exactly one month from the date of your original order. The re-billing is based on the original order date, not on the calendar month.

Each new order is set up on its own separate payment subscription. They will also renew 1 month from the order date. For example:

A) Order #1 for $50 bought on April 1, 2014 renews on May 1, 2014
B) Order #2 for $35 bought on April 7, 2014 renews on May 7, 2014
C) Order #3 for $300 bought on April 22, 2014 renews on May 22, 2014

If a lot of separate orders are placed and you wish to consolidate into 1 monthly billing we can do so at the beginning of the next month. We will calculate a middle billing date for the existing orders and have you make one payment for the consolidated total (Example: $385 on May 19, 2013). Please contact us using the link in your control panel for such a request.

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