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How long will it take for my rankings to improve?

It can take several weeks for the search engines to find and index the links you create through, and often you start ranking for long tail keyword phrases before your primary keywords. (Long tail keyword phrases are lower volume phrases that relate to your primary keywords.)

We generally recommend that you commit to 3 months for a keyword campaign and then evaluate and tweak your anchor text and queues. But, you can log into your control panel and review your rankings every few weeks until then.

While you wait for the search engines to find and index your links, we also suggest that you invest a little time in your onsite optimization and social media.

- Make sure your primary keyword and some related keywords are in the text of your page.
- Freshen up your content
- Fix any broken links
- Create/update your social media profiles (Check out:
- Create and submit a sitemap

These little tweaks can dramatically affect the success of your link building, so take your time and do it right.

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