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Why do I get an error that my website is not indexed in Google?

We verify that your website URL is indexed in Google before we can accept it. You can double check this by performing an info: search in Google on your website URL.

For example, if you are trying to add the go to Google and type this in the search query box:

If no results are found then unfortunately we cannot accept your URL right now because it is not in their index. Please try again later once your URL is showing in the results of this search.

If a different URL is shown when doing and info: search this means your PageRank (PR) is faked/forged. Likely it is because the URL was parked or re-directed that the URL shown in the results at one time. In this case your URL does not qualify at this time. Please try again later when your URL shows in the results of this search.

If your website does show in the results but you continue to receive this error message please contact with the exact URL you are trying to add.

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