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How many back links does my site need to qualify?

When adding your web site as a Publisher you may receive an error that it does not have enough back links to qualify.

As part of our efforts to give our customers the highest quality web pages to advertise on, we evaluate many metrics in addition to PageRank (PR) to see if a web page meets our minimum standard. While we do not disclose the minimums due to privacy concerns, some of the criteria we used to make this determination include:

Forged or fake PageRank
Relatively few backlinks in relation to PageRank
Excessive external links on the web page

There is no set number or formula. But obviously any page with zero or very few back links is not going to qualify. Also even if you have a few dozen back links check their quality. Are they no follow links? Are they all on sub-pages? Are they all from the same 2-3 websites?

Generally good, quality domains with real PR have at least a few hundred back links along with some good quality.

You can use the tool at to check each domain directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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